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1. Do I need to hire a professional skipper?

You do not have to hire a professional skipper if you have the necessary licences and experience in sailing a yacht, except in cases where the vessel is rented exclusively with a crew.


2. Who pays for the skipper and his food?

You pay for the skipper, hostess and crew as well as their food, whether you prepare meals on board or go to a restaurant.


3. Which licences must I have in order to charter a boat?

You must have a valid skipper’s licence and VHF radio licence, and for some vessels a test voyage is also necessary. Here you can check list of valid sailing licences:



4. Are the boat and crew insured?

Yes, all boats and crews are insured against possible damage.


5. Is it possible to charter a boat for a few days?

Yes, it is possible to charter a boat for a few days, but usually in the period either before or after high season. The usual charter period is from Saturday to Saturday.


6. What if we have children on board?

In this case please inform us in advance of the ages of the children in order to ensure the appropriate sizes of lifejackets for them. We recommend that you order a safety net for your boat if the children are small.


7. What should I take with me on the boat?

You need to take with you only your own clothes, towels and medicines. During colder times of year we recommend warm clothing and waterproof jackets. The clothing must be appropriate for use on board, and we recommend boat shoes or boots for sailing in rough conditions.


8. Where can I park my car at the marina?

Marina Dalmacija has sufficient parking spaces which are monitored during your voyage. Price is €6 per day.


9. Where can I obtain provisions for the boat?

You can obtain provisions for your voyage in one of the many markets which are in the area of Zadar or in smaller shop in the marina.


10. May I order the necessary provisions for the boat in advance?

Yes, you may send your order and the charter personnel will obtain your provisions immediately before your arrival on board, with a surcharge.


11. May I take pets on board with me?

No, it is not permitted to have pets (dogs, cats, birds etc.) on board except in cases where this is agreed in advance. We recommend that you do not expose your pets to the inhuman conditions of staying on board. However, if you do not have somewhere to leave your pet, please send an enquiry in advance stating your needs.


12. What additional services can you help me with connected with my yacht charter?

We can arrange additional services for you but only as assistance as follows:
•    transfer from and to the airport or port
•    car hire
•    reservation of hotel accommodation


13. What if I have further questions?

We are at your service to answer all questions or concerns which are not addressed in the above answers; simply send us your question by e-mail.

Miramo fleet

Miramo fleet
The fleet numbers total 6 boats located at charter base ACI Split which are basically in company ownership.
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Pricelist - season 2020

Pricelist - season 2020
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Early booking 2020

Early booking 2020
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