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Basic provisions from the regulations concerning security of navigation

It is forbidden:
•    to swim, windsurf, speedboat or waterski in marinas
•    to windsurf in narrow channels, within arranged beaches, nearer than 50 m from the shore of natural beaches, in navigation channels
•    to swim outside the marked area of an arranged beach or further than 100 m from the shore of a natural beach
•    to sail in a yacht or motorised boat nearer than 50 m from the shore
•    to throw into the sea any waste which may pollute the environment (plastic, glass and metal packaging, waste mineral oils…)
•    to sail or anchor in the zones of the Brijuni Islands within the sea belt defined by the lines which connect the following points
•    Zone 1 – Cape Vrbanj (Barban) – Cape Kadulja; Cape Kadulja – Islet Supinić; Cape Supinić – point A (44˚ 54.8′N, 13˚ 42.2′E); point A – point B (44˚ 52.6′N, 13˚ 45.1′E), point B – point C (44˚ 53.2′N, 13˚ 46.0′E); point C – Cape Kamik.
•    Zone 2 – the south-eastern part of the Brijuni Islands within the line connecting Cape Kavran to Cape Kozlac
It is permitted:
•    for small boats to sail at a distance greater than 50 m from the boundaries of an arranged beach and 150m from the shore of a natural beach
•    to speedboat at a distance greater than 300 m from the shore only in areas where this is not forbidden


Continuously transmitted meteorological reports

Pula Harbour Authority – VHF channel 73 – northern Adriatic (west coast of Istria)
Rijeka Harbour Authority – VHF channel 69 – northern Adriatic (eastern part)
Split Harbour Authority – VHF channel 67 – central Adriatic (eastern part)
Dubrovnik Harbour Authority – VHF channel 73 – southern Adriatic (eastern part)


VHF for emergencies

Mayday – ship is in danger and seeks emergency help
Pan-pan – we wish to transmit an emergency message relating to the security of the crew and boat
Sécurité – coastal or boat radio wishes to transmit a message containing a meteorological or navigation warning

The national rescue centre is located at Rijeka, telephone number 9155

Harbour authorities and harbour authority sub-offices, which are part of the Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, are responsible for the safe navigation of all vessels within the Republic of Croatia They may be contacted for help at sea or meteorological information by telephone or by VHF radio.
Harbour authority opening hours: every day 00:00 – 24:00
Sub-office opening hours: 07:00 – 13:00; 1 April to 1 October: 07:00 – 12:00 and 16:00 – 20:00
They are on call on VHF channels 16 and 10



Only divers who have completed diving training in an internationally recognized school may dive in the Adriatic Sea. Diver certification cards are issued by harbour authorities and the Croatian Diving Federation and are valid for one year from the date of issue. The price of a diver certification card is 100 kunas. Areas where diving is taking place must be marked by the regulation dive buoy or flag. Sports diving on air are permitted to a maximum of 40 m.
Diving is forbidden in national parks, harbours, shipping lanes and approaches and near military installations and warships. It is not permitted to remove anything from the sea, and especially not cultural monuments.



Sports fishing may be conducted only by people who have a permit from the Croatian Federation of Sport Fishing on Sea, which is valid for 1, 3, 7 or 30 days.
Separate daily permits are issued for fishing with angling equipment and for fishing with a harpoon gun. However, the charges are the same: 60 kn – 1 day; 150 kn – 3 days; 300 kn – 7 days; 700 kn – 30 days.
Fishing with a harpoon gun is only allowed from sunrise to sunset.
It is strictly forbidden to use equipment which gives the ability to remain beneath the surface of the sea without the use of one’s own power, and to use artificial lights.
Annual permits are only issued to Croatian or foreign citizens with permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia. The price of an annual permit is: 30 kn for children up to 18 years; 60 kn for pensioners and persons older than 60 years; 400 kn for persons from 18 to 60 years.


Big game fishing

Big game fishing is organised in the central Adriatic, in the area of Murter, where the majority of fishing boats equipped for this type of fishing are located.

Miramo fleet

Miramo fleet
The fleet numbers total 6 boats located at charter base ACI Split which are basically in company ownership.
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Pricelist - season 2020
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